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We are at the forefront of GEO Mapping Solutions

Reports & Insights

Simplifies report generation and annotations for efficient insights conversion.

Revolutionising GIS

HelloGeo revolutionizes GIS & Photogrammetry by bridging global gaps between technologies.

Cloud Access

Tailored for Enterprise & Defence solutions, with hybrid Cloud access.

AI Analytics

Excels in Data Management, security, and streamlining large dataset processing.

HelloGeo is an All in One Geo Mapping Cloud

“HelloGeo" is an advance cloud-based product that aims to revolutionize project management, project planning, flight planning, data processing, and analysis. With its powerful AI capabilities, HelloGeo empowers businesses and individuals to streamline their operations and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy.

  • Sensor agnostic Geo Spatial data processing
  • Cloud Agnostic and compatible with MeiTY guidelines
  • Unified platform for UAVs, Underwater Drones, Robotics, AI, and ML
  • Architected for Secure Data management across industries
  • Cloud-based project management, data processing and AI analytics

HelloGeo's Mission.

"To empower organizations worldwide with cutting-edge geospatial intelligence solutions, driven by innovation and guided by the principles of security, accessibility, and compatibility. Our mission is to harness the potential of geospatial data, seamlessly integrating it with advanced technologies, and providing cloud-agnostic solutions in alignment with government regulations. Through our unified platform, we aim to facilitate informed decision-making and drive advancements in various industries."

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the global leader in Geo-Spatial data processing and management, setting the standard for cloud-based project management platforms. We aspire to create a world where organizations can harness the full potential of Geo-Spatial data independently of sensor types, all within a secure and user-friendly environment. By seamlessly integrating AI and ML capabilities into our platform, we aim to revolutionize data analysis, enabling our clients to gain valuable insights that drive innovation and growth. We envision a future where our technology empowers industries to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and contribute to a more sustainable and connected world.

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